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Body Detox And The 5 Basic Principals Of Health

March 6th, 2007

With all the new health & wellness products that consistently hit the market, it’s very easy to become confused about what path is best to take for your health.

This confusion can easily be overcome by just getting back to the basic’s of health.

You see, Our body is designed to function and maintain itself at a high level of health, It’s our natural state of being. But what happens is that through bad diet, toxins, stress, lack of exercise the body becomes overwhelmed and is not able to deal with the onslaught of modern living, resulting in illness.

If you were to go through all the studies and research that has been done on health over time, what you would find is the same basic principals for maintaining health are always there.

Even with all the latest and greatest magic potions etc etc, optimal health still comes back to these basic principals.

You will know them, everyone knows them but not many follow them.

You can break them down to 5 basic principals and when we embrace these principals our body will naturally attain the high level of health that it was designed to have.

This happens because the cause of most diseases emanates from a build up of toxic fluids (which most call plaque) that clog the tubes within the organs and throughout the body.

When you follow these basic principals these toxic fluids will not only stop the build up within the body but slowly reduce what is there.

The process of a sustainable full body detox speeds up this cleansing process and quickly gets on top of the years of built up toxic fluids, giving you a great foundation for these basic principals to support the body in it’s natural process of attaining a high level of health.

In my ebook 12 Steps To A Complete Full Body Detox I cover these principals in detail as part of the full body detox process.

They are

Fresh Air & Sunshine – Everyday find the freshest air that you can and breath it in deeply for a few minutes, keep some windows open in your house and let the air flow. Try to get 10 to 15 minutes a day exposing as much of your body to the sun as possible, full body is best.

Water – Drink 8 to 10 glasses of filtered water a day.

Whole foods – Eat unprocessed natural foods, keep as much processed and refined food out of your diet that you can, the same applies to fluids. It does not mean that you should never eat your favotite chocalate bar just make them a treat that you have every now and then and not as a part of your diet.

Exercise – Exercise everyday, even if it is just a 45 minute brisk walk

Attitude & Mind, body relationship – Understand and learn how to take control of your mind and emotions and not let your mind and emotions take control over you, along with following and developing your passion. This will reduce your stress, create a better attitude and draw more happiness and abundance into your life.

Following these principals during and after a sustainable full body detox process will allow your body to rejuvenate repair and maintain itself as it was designed to do.

I wish you the best of good health

Calvin Newstead

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